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Leece's Ramblings

Yes, I know I should be drawing.

29 November
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I'm Alicia Smith, an artist living in Perth, Western Australia. I mostly work in black and white, two dimensional works, (a little bit of a mystery to me, as my Diploma of Fine Art was actually as a Sculpture major!) which I market on products at http://www.cafepress.com/aliciasmith and http://www.zazzle.com/leecetheartist. My work is 99.9 percent zoomorphic in nature, which is a posh art history way of saying that it involves animals. I really like drawing monsters, and I like drawing real animals too. This is a more than full time job for me!

I met my husband, http://rdmasters.livejournal.com/profile in 1987 and we are having a wonderful time together. You can read about him and myself by hanging around http://www.lympago.com which is a bunch of forums that we run.

I enjoy science fiction of all sorts and enjoy Genghiscon, Swancon, and whatever convention might be held around November in Perth. Somehow it seemed that people around about Perth fandom thought us worthy of the Marge Hughes Award in 2008. *blush* Thank you. Rob and I are fan guests of honour for Swancon 2009 Contact. And what an honour it is! Thank you.

I like escapist movies, and geocaching, and gaming, both roleplaying and boardgaming. I also enjoy bicycling in my recumbent trike, and kayaking & fishing in my Hobie Outback mirage drive (pedal) kayak!

Thank you very much for reading about me.